About us

making custom shaped pillows in lilipi

Who we are

The LiLiPi Brand, or Life Like Pillows, is a family-owned and operated custom pillow-making company who are “in the business of creating smiles,” as our CEO and founder Oleg Lee has been known to say. We use life like pillows to achieve this goal not only through sales but also by matching our total items sold with a donation to a charity or organization. We fulfill our ‘Smile Mission’ every day not only by sending boxes of pillows to charities and our customers alike but by being on the ground floor, handing out donations at hospitals, shelters, wherever our pillows are needed! To Oleg, the most rewarding part of starting this business wasn’t obtaining financial freedom but rather was, “seeing my product create smiles on kids’ faces while they are going through the hardest times of their lives gave me a purpose.”

Our Product

How do we bring smiles to those on both sides of our business? Well, the LiLiPi Brand creates customizable pillows that are hand-made right in the USA. We source only the highest quality materials, and employ a diverse group of local faces to create our product. We have over 2,000 stocked animal, art, and template pillows on our website. We also have a ‘Customize it’ aspect to our site which gives us the ability to bring to life photos of people, pets, animals, you name it! We partner with both renown and up-and-coming influencers to bring to life customizable pillows, and make all of our pillows right at home in Vernon Hills, IL. Our 10,000+ square foot facility is constantly staffed with like-minded people who want to bring smiles wherever we go! Our facility is equipped with state of the art machinery to deliver our product within days of placing an order. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Our Mission 

Our mission is to bring smiles to each and every person who comes across our pillows. On top of employing the surrounding Chicago area, matching our sales with a donation, we seek out sustainable collaborations with influencers and people who are committed to using their platforms for good. Just this past year, partnering with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, LiLiPi donated 500 pillows for the September Childhood Cancer Awareness cause. Check out some coverage we received here. We partner with online influencers like Lil Bub to provide pillows for the Big FUND campaign, via the ASPCA, that provides shelter and homes for animals with disabilities. We continue to coordinate donations to animal shelters on a local and national scale, like our recent drive to the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter.

 To date, we have donated 10,000 pillows to various charities across the nation! Check out our How We Give page to see the full extent to how we pay it forward and create smiles across the USA.